Small and Medium Business - TELSYCO s.r.o.

Small and Medium Business 

Replacement of standard door phone intercom / door communicator:

  • IP Door Phone Intercom IPDP
    • SIP protocol
    • Camera
    • Pop-up SW program for automatic displaying of visitor and possibility of opening locks
  • Intelligent Door Phone Intercom NUDV
    • Timeless design
    • Possibility to connect to any PBX or to an analog phone line directly 
    • Possibility to connect IP or WiFi camera
    • Optional external DECT connection
    • Available in antivandal design

 Savings on international calls and replacement of fixed phone line:

  • BlueGate SIP
    • IP GSM gateway for direct access to GSM networks from your IP phones
    • Possibility to connect to any VoIP Switch, IP PBX or ADSL line directly
  • MiniGate A
    • Analog ultracompact GSM gateway
    • Easy installation and use