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GSM / GPS Positioning 

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Sirius II

Sirius II


Device for GSM control of:

  • position of a vehicle
  • status  of  alarm inputs (alarm+, alarm-, bypass)
  • blocking of engine
  • voltage of accumulator in a vehicle and backup accumulator
  • activation, deactivation device thru GSM or key (RFID, DALLAS)


  • Car position (GPS locating) with a memory of the last position (GPS signal failure)
  • During driving automatical position recording every minute into the memory, it includes date and time (time is adjustable) - in memory there are stored the last 4000 positions (approx. 66 hours of driving (1 record per minute))
  • Detection of position whenever you wish by SMS
  • During Alarm a call is generated to upto 8 phone numbers
  • During Alarm or power supply disconnection the unit is sends SMS message incl. status and position of 3 Alarm inputs (alarm): it is activated by connection to +, activated by connection to the ground, activated by the current float („bypass")
  • Output for remote blocking of engine by SMS
  • Remote blocking of device by SMS
  • Activation/deactivation by Dallas chip, RFID etc.
  • Sound signalling
  • Remote setting of all parametres by SMS from authorised numbers only
  • Remote measurement of back-up battery voltage


Technical parametres:

  • Power supply range: 8 - 28V DC
  • Stand by consumption: cca 10 mA (Back up ACU charged)
  • Max current consumption: 1,5 A (peak - call + charging Back up ACU)
  • Input ALARM-: alarm activation by short circuit to ground for time 0.1-9.9sec (default 0.3sec)
  • Input ALARM+: alarm activation by connection to + of power supply for time 0.1-9.9sec (default 0.3sec)
  • Input BYPASS: alarm activation by current floating > cca 100mA for time 0.1-9.9sec (default 3sec)
  • Output beeper - output for connection of bell, beeper etc..: max. current cca 500mA
  • Blocking output - output for relay connection to disconnect ignition: max. current cca 1000mA
  • GSM: EGSM 900 (class 4 - 2 W) GSM 1800 (class 1 - 1 W) Antenna connector FME
  • SIM card: 3/1,8 V
  • GPS: Leadtek (SIRFIII) Antenna connector SMA
  • Back up ACU: 4 V/2.6 Ah
  • Operation time without power supply : cca 24 to 100 hours up unit load
  • Protection against power supply polarity change
  • Automatical fuse and overvoltage protection
  • Operational temperature -20 to +50 °C
  • Dimension: 80 x 50 x 35 mm
  • SMS „position" includes: latitude and longitude,date , GM time from detected position, movement speed