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Enterprise Business 

IP solutions for connection to any VoIP switch or IP PBX:

  • BlueGate SIP
    • IP GSM gateway with 2 voice channels for direct access to mobile networks from your IP phones. 
  • IP Door Phone Intercom IPDP
    • SIP protocol
    • Camera
    • Pop-up program for automatic displaying of visitor and possibility of opening locks.

UMTS / GSM Multichannel Voice and SMS Gateway - enterprise solution for direct access to UMTS / GSM networks for all your employees:

  • PrimaGate ISDN PRI UMTS / GSM Gateway

    • Compact highly sophisticated system
    • 4xPRI port for sharing the system capacity by more companies, routing to IP, etc.
    • Full remote supervision and configuration via an IP network or USB port
    • Fully client-oriented flexible system
    • Highly reliable in cooperation with both GSM / UMTS networks and ISDN
    • Hot-swappable
      • Configuration alterations can be made without resetting, i.e. under full operation
    • Connection to the exchange through EuroISDN PRI/E1 interface with DSS1 signaling or QSIG